Language Program for Kids

Creativity and improvisation will be the main part in the structure of this program, and like standard adult courses, accent reduction is emphasized from day one. This program is designed in accordance to the child’s age and interests. We use spelling books for children in pre-elementary and children’s learning books for the ones in elementary school. Children in middle school and higher use the standard course books. Some materials could change slightly depending on the children’s age, maturity, and learning abilities.

It is imperative to grasp a child’s attention so that they can learn. That’s why our teachers provide additional materials during the course. A few of these include:

  • Comic and Fairy Tale Books
  • Activity Pages
  • Movies and Music
  • Articles corresponding to students’ interest and age
  • Games

We make the classes enjoyable, flexible, and captivating; the results could be seen in just weeks. We are looking forward to working with your child/children!

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