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The Language Factory, Inc. is a Miami based company that offers outstanding language instruction and translation services.

We provide an exceptional language program for adults and children using a conversational teaching style. Learn Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, and English with a program manufactured especially for you! The classes are taught by our friendly and competent native speaking staff of professionals that understand that learning a language is not only an economic or cultural necessity, but it is also a fantastic way to achieve personal enrichment. To reach this goal the learning process must be a pleasure!

Language Stats

More likely to get a job and have a better salary.
Less like to have cognitive impairment.
Of businesses want people specifically for their language skills.
Of people consider that learning a second language increases brain power.


Founder & President

Lea S. Senosiain

I found my passion with my Brazilian culture and the Portuguese language after moving from Sao Paulo to Miami.  In 1998, I began teaching Portuguese at corporate offices, and realized that there is no one method for every student. As the referrals came in, so did a demand for my language company to be formed. I created The Language Factory, Inc. in 2002, with a conversational teaching method revolving around the students’ interests and needs, with an introduction to the Brazilian culture. Two years later, my Portuguese students requested additional languages with the same concept and passion. My secret is our professional staff of native speakers who share the same passion for their culture and language as I do of mine.

Vice President & Administrative Director

Patty Senosiain

I grew up in a multi-cultural family, where both English and Portuguese were spoken at home, and added Spanish to my background in grade school. After mastering Spanish, I added French in high school and continued through college. I graduated from Florida International University with a double major in International Business and Management, and was fortunate to be able to incorporate my love for language and culture into my career.

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